Jacbuilt Logo Refresh


Had the opportunity to work with a client who owns and operates a home services and handyman company. He was interested in a website build that would help create his initial web presence and help legitimatize his company with a supporting website. Upon receiving initial assets he sent over I immediately wanted to take a stab at improving his logo mark and encourage him to move in a new direction that would promote a more professional and clean look. I began by sending over a few initial design with a more vector based feel using a character centered look and feel. I downloaded a few comps with the vibe of character that I wanted to see in his logo although I knew that if we went this direction we would need to have an original piece of art created as stock images are not aloud in logo marks without specialized licensing for that piece of art. I however have an amazing artist friend who could do the quality of vector ar that I would be looking for a great price. Check our his site and portfolio out at elijorgensen.com.

After the client saw the designs he was positive and liked the design but really was attached to his original design that contained a house and fence element that he would like to maintain. Sometimes you can’t always encourage someone towards what you think is best or their budget may prohibit you from moving those directions.

I started the challenge of recreating and refreshing his initial designs that included his desired elements. I was pretty excited about the finished product although my original suggestion and direction still is more appealing. I feel like I was able to really achieve the client goals and keeping things close to his original look and feel. Have a look at the process a little bit and let me know what you think about the finished product.

Jacbuild Original Logo


Jacbuilt Mock Up


Jacbuilt Home Services Updated/Refreshed Logo