Great Article on Learnable Programming


I have been interested in learning programming ever since I was a young, although I did not really know that was what my interest was or that it was even within reach until a little later in life. Point is over the years I have tried to learn higher level programming and have struggled. I can wrap my mind around certain languages such as HTML, CSS, etc. but when it comes to hard core programming concepts I just have a little tougher time. I am always looking for ways to try and learn and came across this article via a weekly email that I receive and although I have yet to complete the full article I am quite impressed and can relate a lot to what is being said. There are some great little videos inserted throughout and the presentation of the article is great and very consumable while bringing some value as well. Enjoy…

Oddities TV Show Now Available on Netflix Instand Watch

Screen shot 2012-10-14 at 10.28.59 PM

There are not too many shows that I find super interesting but the Science channels show “Oddities” happens to be one of them. Oddities is cross between American pickers and one of those weird pawn shop shows. Although dark at times I Oddities offeres a rare glimpse into a culture and sub culture out there that people are quite interested in our a part of. Most of the stuff on the show is just so out there. In neighborhood of around 21-22 minutes per show it is a great quick show. Hope it is not too weird for you!