Turn Off Comments on Pages

Wordpress Comments Settings for Pages

Quick little tip to turn off comments for both pages in WordPress. This is kind of a two step process pending on whether or not you would like comments to be turned off for all pages or just a single page. For all pages you will want to first visit the following…

Settings >> Discussion >> uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles”

If you already are seeing the comments section on a page that you would like to remove it you can either select one or many with bulk edit and under comments select “Do Not Allow” from the comments drop down.

Isaac Jorgensen’s new RECORD and BOOK

Isaac Jorgensen

One of my best friends and brothers in the Lord has been working on new music and book to go along with it that I am sure will be a blessing to you and anyone who might come in contact with it. Please take a few minutes to check out his Kick Starter project here.

If you don’t know me very well you may not know that I was in a Christian rock band for over 5 years of which the majority of that time the group was full time, traveling the states sharing our music and more importantly the good news of Jesus Christ. Isaac was one of our two front men, writers and vocalist for the band Foolish Things. We go way further back than music and I have to say that Isaac has been a major influence and blessing in my life since I was ten years old. He is one of those kinds of people that is just impactful. No matter where he and his family goes they are a solid representation of what the Lord can do in a life when someone is obedient.

Again, take the opportunity to advance the Kingdom with the work that the Lord has called him to do.

I Love Coffee

I Love Coffee by Susan Zimmer

If you are a huge fan of coffee and the mixing and creation of various coffee drinks it is time to grab a copy of “I Love Coffee” by Susan Zimmer. This book if chock full of all sorts of recipes and information about coffee. Towards the front of the book you get to experience a great little section on various coffee equipment and general instructions on how to use that equipment. I was blessed to receive this book for Christmas a few years back from my lovely wife. She knows how I love the bean!