MotoGP 2013 looks to be promising with the return of Rossi to Yamaha

Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to watching MotoGP in 2013. With Rossi’s return to Yamaha and Stoner’s exit from the sport the playing field has been shifted. Watching Lorenzo and Ross will be a treat and I am looking forward to Yamaha Factory Racing taking it to Honda once again to defend it’s 2012 title. Looks like Yamaha is going to be releasing a new MotoGP factory racing website where you will be able to keep up with all the happenings. Have a look! I am stoked.

Yamaha Factory Racing Official Website

Valentine’s Day Card for My Wife

Wanted to get something special for my girl this Valentine’s day and had the chance to make her a little mobile card in the process. I grabbed a quick screen shot for ratio and sizing offline and began messing around. Grabbed a few elements and tossed this bad boy together. The end product is below. She was surprised and stoked about the surprise and her best friend even did some lying to make the impact even better. Text to her phone this morning. The string of text back were awesome!

Elements Used

  • Photo of best friend found on “The Facebook”
  • Photo of the kids from my phone
  • and these…


Project Stats & Tools

Final Product


Reading the Bible w/ a Fresh Perspective: Genesis

So a month or two ago I wrote a post called Reading the Bible with a Fresh Perspective. In that article I had articulated that I wanted to start fresh and really gain an understanding of the Bible on a whole for myself thinking of it from the angle of someone whom had never read, heard or grown up with the Bible. Since then I have made it through Genesis and am into Exodus. I wanted to post the notes that I have for future reference. It is doubtful that they would be helpful to anyone really as much of them are just stating what was already in the passage with an occasional thought or comment. Most of my Genesis notes were taken by hand and I have not yet converted those yet, however I did start using digital means part way through the process. Those are where I will pick up the notes.


Chapter 44
Joseph set his brothers up once again by putting the silver cup in Benjamin’s sack. he lets them leave and then has his house steward go after them.
What is a house steward?

When the steward caught up they said that no one of them had taken any gold or silver and were so confident that made a deal that if any one of them had it that they would be a servant or slave to the egyptians. They went from highest to lowest and found the cup in the youngest brothers sac exactly where they had planted it.
The brothers meet up with Joseph and plead for a different scenario. Judah asks if he can speak to Joseph and explains the full scenario that his father was hesitant to send the youngest as he was worried he would not come back. Judah took responsibility for him and to his father and therefore asked if he could take the place of the youngest in slavery. He told Joseph of how he missed his other son that he lost and how his life was bound up with the youngest.

Chapter 45

Joseph finally came to a place where he could not contain himself and revealed himself to his brothers. Weeping and crying much of Egypt heard him. He was able to reveal himself to his brothers in private and was interested to know if his Father was still alive.

Always interesting when a question is asked that seems like the answer is clear. Of course his father would be alive or they would not be willing to make such a huge push to be sure that they brought back Benjamin. Not saying that would have not made the same sacrifice but it seemed clear that his father was still alive.

45:5 Pretty amazing approach as he was sold into slavery by his brothers. Check it out…
“Now do not be grieved or angry with yourselves, because you sold me here, for God sent me before you to preserve life.”
Love how he can have such a rich perspective and understanding of what God was doing and had done with his life that The Lord had brought him to a place where he was consoling them.

Joseph continues to tell his brothers of the Lords purpose of having put him here in Egpyt because of the famine and to be sure that the remnant would survive. He told them to quickly go get his Father and bring him and all he owns. They would live in the land of Goshen and in a place where Joseph was close and could take care of them. He was able to connect with Benjamin as well.

Pharaoh heard of the news and offered up the best of Egypt to Joseph’s family. the best of the land, goods, etc. The brothers then went back to Israel and told him of the news and he told them to take him to Joseph before he died.

Chapter 46
So Joseph headed down to Egypt. On the way he stopped in Beersheba to offer sacrifices to God. God spoke to Jacob/Israel in a vision that night. He said, “I am the God of your Father; do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you a great nation there. I will go down with you to Egypt, and I will surely bring you up again; and Joseph will close your eyes.
The middle part of the chapter tell of all the sons of Jacob and the descendants who would be going up to Egpyt. There could be some interesting numbers in here for a later date or names that would tie to people of importance but am not sure they are worth writing down but something that we can certainly refer back to.

Towards the end of the chapter it talks about how Joseph set them all up in the land of Goshen and told them that when they are called upon they are to tell Pharaoh that they have looked after livestock and are shepherds. Said that shepherds are loathsome to egyptians.

Why would Joseph want them to be loathed? To prevent intermarriage and a clean line away from the Egyptians? Did Joseph have Egyptians wives? I am pretty sure that he did. How does that affect the family line? Is that important?

Chapter 47

Joseph presents five of his brothers to Pharaoh. They are asked their profession of which they answer as instructed, “We are shepherds.” They then are accepted into the land of Goshen and Pharaoh puts whatever they need at their disposal. Joseph is told to have them lead any of Pharaoh’s live stock as well.

Jacob is presented to Pharaoh and they have a conversation about his life and then Israel blessed Pharaoh. Joseph provides the food needed for all his family. They refer specifically to the little ones.

The famine worsened and the people began to come to Joseph but they were out of money to buy any more food. So they made a deal that they would sell their livestock for food. The next year they had exhausted all their resource in livestock and so they sold themselves to Pharaoh, then they sold their land and then finally they sold a fifth of all they produced to Pharaoh via Joseph’s management and suggestion. So Pharaoh pretty much had everything. So all that was produced by the land of Egypt, Pharaoh gained a fifth of all of it.

Now Israel (the people group) grew in number and became fruitful. Jacob/Israel lived in Egypt for 17 years. He lived to be 147 years old.

When it was nearing the time where Jacob was going to die he was sure to made Joseph swear that he would not be buried in Egypt but in the proper burial place. Assuming that is somewhere in Canaan. Somewhere that had been mentioned already. To make this deal or covenant he asked Joseph to place his hand under his thigh. He also was asking Joseph to be kind and make this promise. Makes me think that he was being respectful of whom Joseph had become and where the Lord had placed him in his life.

Chapter 48
Again Jacob/Israel is preparing to die. Joseph brought his two sons to his Father. Their names where Ephraim and Manasseh. When Jacob saw his sons sons he blessed them. However when they were brought near Joseph tried to place them in a manner where Jacob would have his right hand on the first born, Manasseh’s, head but Jacob crossed his hands and blessed Ephraim as the first born. Joseph tried to correct his Father who could not see very well but he told Joseph that he knew what he was doing. At the end of the chapter Jacob told Joseph that the people would be back in the land.

Was thinking about Joseph and his children and was wondering who Joseph’s wife was. He obviously had a wife as he was bearing children and sons. Pretty sure that was Egyptian. Doesn’t really affect the family line I guess…. Looks like he was given a wife in…

Gen. 41:45 – Then Pharaoh named Joseph Zaphenath-paneah; and he gave him Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera priest of On, as his wife.

Chapter 49
Jacob summoned his sons and spoke to each of them as to what would befall them in the coming days. Here is a list of his sons. Refer to chapter for exact details that are not noted below.

  • Reuben
  • Simeon
  • Levi
  • Judah
  • Zebulan
  • Issachar
  • Dan
  • Gad
  • Asher
  • Naphtali
  • Joseph
  • Benjamin

Looks like the two most positive reviews or statements went towards Judah and Joseph, however there were others that received positive blessings but nowhere as in depth as these two.

After the blessing Jacob charged his sons to bury him in the cave that is in the field of Machpelah near his wife Rebekah and Leah. His parents Abraham and Sarah were buried there as well.

vs. 33
Jacob draws to his feet and into bed and breathed his last.

Chapter 50

Joseph wept over his Fathers death. He then had him embalmed. Egypt mourned the loss of Joseph’s father for seventy days.

Joseph request time to go bury his father. The request is granted by Pharaoh.

Joseph’s brothers were scared that since Jacob had died that Joseph would seek revenge on them for what they had done to him when he was younger. They lied to him saying that Israel/Jacob charged Joseph with forgiving them. However, Joseph saw that their evil was in the long term done for good and he forgave and comforted them letting them know that they and their children would be cared for.

Joseph lived for 110 years and he saw the third generation of Ephraim’s sons.He also saw the sons of Machir, the son of Manasseh born on his knees. Joseph asked his brother to carry his bones up from Egypt after he had passed. He was embalmed and placed in a coffin in Egpyt.

Quickly Customize the WordPress Login Page Manually

Pretty much this is straight from the codex. However instead of having to read through the page even quickly you can copy and paste this bad boy right into your functions file to get it working quickly. I tried to comment things well so that you can dive right in. If there is a better or cleaner way to do it please hit me up in the comments. Adding the CSS into the hook like that seems a little bit heavy…. ah, looked really quickly at the codex and this is what they had to say about lengthy styles for a custom login page.

From the WordPress Codex:

If you have a lot of login page styles, you may want to make your own custom login style sheet. This code, added to your functions.php file, would load a CSS file named style-login.css, stored with your active Theme files:

function my_login_stylesheet() { ?>

The code that I added to my functions.php file...

function my_login_logo() { ?>