Valentine’s Day Card for My Wife

Wanted to get something special for my girl this Valentine’s day and had the chance to make her a little mobile card in the process. I grabbed a quick screen shot for ratio and sizing offline and began messing around. Grabbed a few elements and tossed this bad boy together. The end product is below. She was surprised and stoked about the surprise and her best friend even did some lying to make the impact even better. Text to her phone this morning. The string of text back were awesome!

Elements Used

  • Photo of best friend found on “The Facebook”
  • Photo of the kids from my phone
  • and these…


Project Stats & Tools

Final Product


Having some fun with business cards

Business Card Cipher

Recently my partners and I were discussing ideas of how to make our business cards stand out more than other companies around us. Kind of hard to do with what I would consider such an old medium. For the world being so entrenched in technology it is amazing to me how many people still love to pass out their own business cards but also grab cards from others to add to their stack. Seems so archaic but for some reason it makes a connection feel more real. While trying to keep within a few parameters we came up with the idea to put a cipher on the back of our cards thinking it might peak some interest, share our passion for being different and out of the box. That being said the front of the card still does contain the basics and serves the purpose. Anyway, have a look at the card and give the cipher a shot. We have been debating whether or not to include a hint or not. The card picture here has a URL to a page that we might create but does NOT exist quite yet. If you crack the cipher drop me a line and let me know what you think. In fact I will give you the hint here and see if any body is able to provide a solution. Enjoy!


HINT: qwerty


Business Card Cipher

Yet another new theme for my blog

I have used a pre made theme for the past few months and maybe even a year for my personal blog and am ready for a change. I have been doing a lot of reading for my company about responsive design and some of the various platforms out there that are available as starting points etc. In particular I have always wanted to learn and use something that utilized Twitter bootstrap. Although I don’t know much about it HTML5 Boilerplate is another good resource out there. I found a WordPress press theme that is made from both and can be used as a starting place for a more robust and feature rich theme while using all the goodness that those two base frameworks provide. I am hoping to find a few minutes here or there to experiment with the theme so that I can try and be a little bit more up to date in those areas. I will be probably implementing much of what I learn on day to day basis at muy new company and look forward to doing so. Here is to keeping it fresh and different. Here we go…

Packaging usability


I have been eating these microwave vegetable steamers for over a year now. I am always impressed by the simple graphic in the top left corner with the heating time. So simple. So basic. So functional. Thanks steamer packaging people. No searching for some cook time on the back of the package in small text. One of the small joys of lunch time at the office.


Jacbuilt Logo Refresh


Had the opportunity to work with a client who owns and operates a home services and handyman company. He was interested in a website build that would help create his initial web presence and help legitimatize his company with a supporting website. Upon receiving initial assets he sent over I immediately wanted to take a stab at improving his logo mark and encourage him to move in a new direction that would promote a more professional and clean look. I began by sending over a few initial design with a more vector based feel using a character centered look and feel. I downloaded a few comps with the vibe of character that I wanted to see in his logo although I knew that if we went this direction we would need to have an original piece of art created as stock images are not aloud in logo marks without specialized licensing for that piece of art. I however have an amazing artist friend who could do the quality of vector ar that I would be looking for a great price. Check our his site and portfolio out at

After the client saw the designs he was positive and liked the design but really was attached to his original design that contained a house and fence element that he would like to maintain. Sometimes you can’t always encourage someone towards what you think is best or their budget may prohibit you from moving those directions.

I started the challenge of recreating and refreshing his initial designs that included his desired elements. I was pretty excited about the finished product although my original suggestion and direction still is more appealing. I feel like I was able to really achieve the client goals and keeping things close to his original look and feel. Have a look at the process a little bit and let me know what you think about the finished product.

Jacbuild Original Logo


Jacbuilt Mock Up


Jacbuilt Home Services Updated/Refreshed Logo



Red Bull Parallax Scrolling Websites

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 11.59.53 PM

Over the past few years you probably have been lucky enough to see a few sites that have implemented the use of a technique called parallax scrolling. Used for years within video game design and animation it has finally found its way on to the web. Due to the dawn of jquery and other javascript magical libraries parallax scrolling is finding its way into full fledge websites and designs. There are many a list that highlight various sites that are out there. They usually include the Nike Better World site which was actually the first parallax scrolling site I had ever seen. Since then I have seen many and it is no surprise that Red Bull have pumped out a few of my favorites. You can see them in action at the following URL’s.

Although there are some cons to these types of sites the ascetics and just pure cool factor cannot not be denied. Have a look…

The Art of Flight

Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull Stratos