Amazing Link List from Popular Science

I don’t really spend a ton of time following the news and my engagement is limited. However when I am in the know it is almost solely thanks to my phone and a popular app called Flipboard of which I highly recommend. I really enjoyed one of the articles I stumbled upon as of late as it had a few different items that were just interesting. The helicopter challenge in particular was quite engaging. Have a look at the original article that appeared on titled…

The Week In Numbers: A Planet That Rains Glass, NASA’s New Hunt For Life, And More.

Oddities TV Show Now Available on Netflix Instand Watch

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There are not too many shows that I find super interesting but the Science channels show “Oddities” happens to be one of them. Oddities is cross between American pickers and one of those weird pawn shop shows. Although dark at times I Oddities offeres a rare glimpse into a culture and sub culture out there that people are quite interested in our a part of. Most of the stuff on the show is just so out there. In neighborhood of around 21-22 minutes per show it is a great quick show. Hope it is not too weird for you!