Mark Webber, Casey Stoner and Jamie Whincup do a lap together!

This is a great little video showing a pretty amazing comparison and lap between three of the best drivers/riders in their respective series or former series within the top machines. It blows my mind the difference that downforce plays in such and experiment. Think about the contact patch difference between the F1 car and the Moto GP bike. We could be talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of ten times or more the contact patch. Pretty incredible and entertaining stuff.


The Red Bull Racing Story: 2005-2012

A great Formula 1 documentary following the dominant Red Bull Formula 1 team from there inception to present day. I for one am a huge Adrian Newey fan and have enjoyed learning about him and his engineering mind over the past few years as I have been sucked into what it means to be a Formula 1 fan. Have a look at this Red Bull documentary and a get a little peak into their world…