Evolution punishes the selfish and impulsive aggressive behaviour, oh my!

Those of you who know me at all definitely can confirm that I am quite the Nerd. So when I am cruising my Flipboard at an undisclosed location I have been known to run across some pretty interesting articles, news stories and blog post. This past week I found two that I thought to be pretty interesting. The first article is from Popular Science and suggestion that evolution punishes selfish people in the long run. It talks about game theory which is something that is captivating to me in itself. Although I am not sure that evolution punishes anything at all I do know that being selfish is never good and it in fact will catch up with you eventually from small to big things in life. Even if you can’t acknowledge what those things are at times. Anyway, have a read…

Evolution Punishes Selfish People, Game Theory Study Says

The second article talks about how gamers, especially FPS fans, are impulsive aggressive behavior. I could see it and I think the article is pretty interesting. Try to relate myself to these posts as I read them and sometimes can relate and see where they are coming from. I think the big one on this is the time spent playing thee types of games. The lack of thought that sometimes comes with a decision. I would be interesting in learning more about how they tested these people as I don’t feel like that much light was shed on that portion of things. I know that certain decisions just don’t take a lot of thought both in regards to possible outcomes and or consequences where others I would be much more calculated. Have a look at the article from the Telegraph and hit me with comments below.

People who play video games are less able to control impulsive aggressive behaviour, reveals a new study.


Amazing Link List from Popular Science

I don’t really spend a ton of time following the news and my engagement is limited. However when I am in the know it is almost solely thanks to my phone and a popular app called Flipboard of which I highly recommend. I really enjoyed one of the articles I stumbled upon as of late as it had a few different items that were just interesting. The helicopter challenge in particular was quite engaging. Have a look at the original article that appeared on Popsci.com titled…

The Week In Numbers: A Planet That Rains Glass, NASA’s New Hunt For Life, And More.

Mark Webber, Casey Stoner and Jamie Whincup do a lap together!

This is a great little video showing a pretty amazing comparison and lap between three of the best drivers/riders in their respective series or former series within the top machines. It blows my mind the difference that downforce plays in such and experiment. Think about the contact patch difference between the F1 car and the Moto GP bike. We could be talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of ten times or more the contact patch. Pretty incredible and entertaining stuff.


Yet another new theme for my blog

I have used a pre made theme for the past few months and maybe even a year for my personal blog and am ready for a change. I have been doing a lot of reading for my company about responsive design and some of the various platforms out there that are available as starting points etc. In particular I have always wanted to learn and use something that utilized Twitter bootstrap. Although I don’t know much about it HTML5 Boilerplate is another good resource out there. I found a WordPress press theme that is made from both and can be used as a starting place for a more robust and feature rich theme while using all the goodness that those two base frameworks provide. I am hoping to find a few minutes here or there to experiment with the theme so that I can try and be a little bit more up to date in those areas. I will be probably implementing much of what I learn on day to day basis at muy new company and look forward to doing so. Here is to keeping it fresh and different. Here we go…

Code Academy Helps You Learn How to Program

Screen shot 2012-02-18 at 12.08.44 PM

Read an article sometime at the beginning of the year that talked about a new site for the year 2012 called Code Academy. The site is supposed to help you learn and understand how to program using some basic program languages. The course would be broken down into 52 separate course to be consumed and completed a week at a time throughout the year. Yes, I am already behind, although when I want to dive in I would say the courses take anywhere from 15 min. to 45 min. depending on your skill level. You don’t have to download or have any special tools as they are active and available right in the browser. Hints and other tips are available although they are not always a hundred percent helpful. If you get stuck to a point where you cannot get past the next lesson I believe there are forums to help as well as a section where you can explain where you had the disconnect or where not able to follow the instructions. Thus far it has been a fun little tool. Would like to be more diligent about attacking this on a week to week basis. The first step would be to catch up. So far all the courses and lessons I have experienced are in Javascript and I have been able to solve the by the instructions they provided and my limited knowledge of programming already. Have not been super stuck but I am sure the day will come. They even have tasks, goals and rewards to earn to add sort of a gaming element. It does make it a little more satisfying once you complete a lesson when you have a shiny little award icon waiting for you. Anyway hop on board and give it a try…

Code Academy

Red Bull Parallax Scrolling Websites

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 11.59.53 PM

Over the past few years you probably have been lucky enough to see a few sites that have implemented the use of a technique called parallax scrolling. Used for years within video game design and animation it has finally found its way on to the web. Due to the dawn of jquery and other javascript magical libraries parallax scrolling is finding its way into full fledge websites and designs. There are many a list that highlight various sites that are out there. They usually include the Nike Better World site which was actually the first parallax scrolling site I had ever seen. Since then I have seen many and it is no surprise that Red Bull have pumped out a few of my favorites. You can see them in action at the following URL’s.

Although there are some cons to these types of sites the ascetics and just pure cool factor cannot not be denied. Have a look…

The Art of Flight

Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull Stratos