Evolution punishes the selfish and impulsive aggressive behaviour, oh my!

Those of you who know me at all definitely can confirm that I am quite the Nerd. So when I am cruising my Flipboard at an undisclosed location I have been known to run across some pretty interesting articles, news stories and blog post. This past week I found two that I thought to be pretty interesting. The first article is from Popular Science and suggestion that evolution punishes selfish people in the long run. It talks about game theory which is something that is captivating to me in itself. Although I am not sure that evolution punishes anything at all I do know that being selfish is never good and it in fact will catch up with you eventually from small to big things in life. Even if you can’t acknowledge what those things are at times. Anyway, have a read…

Evolution Punishes Selfish People, Game Theory Study Says

The second article talks about how gamers, especially FPS fans, are¬†impulsive aggressive behavior. I could see it and I think the article is pretty interesting. Try to relate myself to these posts as I read them and sometimes can relate and see where they are coming from. I think the big one on this is the time spent playing thee types of games. The lack of thought that sometimes comes with a decision. I would be interesting in learning more about how they tested these people as I don’t feel like that much light was shed on that portion of things. I know that certain decisions just don’t take a lot of thought both in regards to possible outcomes and or consequences where others I would be much more calculated. Have a look at the article from the Telegraph and hit me with comments below.

People who play video games are less able to control impulsive aggressive behaviour, reveals a new study.


Amazing Link List from Popular Science

I don’t really spend a ton of time following the news and my engagement is limited. However when I am in the know it is almost solely thanks to my phone and a popular app called Flipboard of which I highly recommend. I really enjoyed one of the articles I stumbled upon as of late as it had a few different items that were just interesting. The helicopter challenge in particular was quite engaging. Have a look at the original article that appeared on Popsci.com titled…

The Week In Numbers: A Planet That Rains Glass, NASA’s New Hunt For Life, And More.

How much did your Starbucks really cost you? Gas mileage and the cost of driving

Starbucks Nap Run is a SuccessMany times over the years I have looked at driving to different locations as a pennies on the dollar type of situation. However, recently my wife and I made a special errand and somehow started talking about the cost of driving places. This might be because we own an SUV that weighs as much as the Titanic and our wallet certainly has paid a similar fate as the Titanic due to craptastic gas mileage our vehicle gets (and yes, it’s our own fault!). My wife and I are both avid coffee drinkers and although we don’t consider Starbucks the best coffee out there by any means we do consider it a consistent alternative since we cannot make the trip to Crema or Happy coffee in Denver very often. This past year we moved out to what most city folks would consider to be the middle of nowhere. The closest shopping center is five miles from our house but once you are there you have access to pretty much anything you would want. It was decided the other day that we would take a quick Starbucks run for my wife’s birthday. So we mounted up and headed to the closest drive through Starbucks. There is actually a walk-in Starbucks at the five mile mark but we were interested in getting a little bit of a drive in as well as try and get our two and half year old son to take a nap. The car is apparently a magical place for him.

As we pulled up to the window at Starbucks to pay for our snooty caramel macchiato’s we wondered, how much did these coffees cost us with travel and all? Well you are about to find out and to be honest, it is crazy!

So here is the math for you. Starbucks is 8.2 miles from our house (shame on us for requiring a drive through. First world problem and snobbery anf coffee snobbery at it’s best).

I did some quick calculations and figured out that it basically cost us a whopping $0.28 cents a mile to drive our beast around town. We average about 14mpg. That is terrible, but dang this thing is sweet in the snow!

So at 8.2 miles that puts us at a 16.4 mile round trip and therefore put the cost of just driving to Starbucks $4.59 plus the cost of our coffees. That my friends is pure insanity. We have sense been having conversations about how we can drive less. Use the other car more and maybe even get a different car with better mileage. The next time you are standing at the store wondering if you should drive to the next place and you think, it may cost me more to drive there than if I bought it here, that statement could be entirely true. Especially if you drive a tank.

I did the math on a few other cars to see how much is would cost to drive them to Starbucks. Here are the results…

Saab 2004 9-3 Linear – $2.46 ($0.15 per mile – This is our other car and probably a better choice for those one off quick trips)
Toyota Prius – $1.47 ($0.09 per mile to drive)
Ford Fusion Hybrid – $1.31 ($0.08 per mile to drive)

So why don’t we get another car you ask? As mentioned we have thought about this and it is still on the table although we have other ideas as well. One of the reasons we bought this particular vehicle was third row seats for that day when Emily finds out she is pregnant and we need that extra room. Also as discussed that thing is a tank and I feel pretty bad for anything that hits us or we hit. The safety of it both on an average day and in the snow is something that at least helps me justify the cost. Maybe not the best excuse but certainly a factor. If you are wondering how you can determine the cost of driving per mile just follow this simple formula…

Cost of a tank of gas √∑ Total miles per tank = Cost per mile

Now pick a place or three that you drive to on a regular basis and get ready to be depressed. Have a great day!

Mark Webber, Casey Stoner and Jamie Whincup do a lap together!

This is a great little video showing a pretty amazing comparison and lap between three of the best drivers/riders in their respective series or former series within the top machines. It blows my mind the difference that downforce plays in such and experiment. Think about the contact patch difference between the F1 car and the Moto GP bike. We could be talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of ten times or more the contact patch. Pretty incredible and entertaining stuff.


Insane Rope Swing Video

If you are anything like me then once in a while you get sucked into Youtube. Sometimes I find people doing amazing things and other times I find people doing amazingly dumb things. I am not sure which category this falls in to but I was highly entertained and thought the visuals were quite impressive. Have a look and enjoy! While you do that I will try and go find some more amazing videos or get distracted by videos of people falling or new anchors messing it up on live TV. Darn it youtube… why do you have to be like that?

Nascar is back for 2013

Anybody that knows me know that I am a huge motorsports fan and that does not exclude Nascar, although everyone keeps telling me it should. What do they know. In fact Nascar was originally where I found my love for racing, left turns and all things hill billy. Anyway, if you missed this past weekends race at Phoenix it was a good one and a popular win as Carl Edwards found himself back in victory lane. The guy is just so darn nice. I like it. Anyway, have a look at the top five video from Nascar.com from this past week. Kevin from the office even chimes in with an enthusiastic gentlemen start your engines. Get your left turn appreciation on in less than five minutes vs four hours… and go!

Check out the Race Rewind on Nascar.com here.

MotoGP 2013 looks to be promising with the return of Rossi to Yamaha

Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to watching MotoGP in 2013. With Rossi’s return to Yamaha and Stoner’s exit from the sport the playing field has been shifted. Watching Lorenzo and Ross will be a treat and I am looking forward to Yamaha Factory Racing taking it to Honda once again to defend it’s 2012 title. Looks like Yamaha is going to be releasing a new MotoGP factory racing website where you will be able to keep up with all the happenings. Have a look! I am stoked.

Yamaha Factory Racing Official Website

Great Coffee from the Unseen Bean in Boulder, CO

A few years ago when on one of my major coffee kicks a good friend of mine passed me a bag of coffee from a local roaster. The name of the company on the bag was The Unseen Bean. I thought it was interesting and wanted to hear the story. My buddy proceeded to tell me an amazing story about a coffee roaster out of boulder who did all his roasting by audio and smell due to the fact that he was blind. I eagerly took that bag home and created many cups of oh so good coffee. I since have been to the Unseen Bean location in Boulder and enjoyed a cup or two there as well. I was out the other night and had the chance to meet Andy, a gentlemen starting his own roasterery called, “I have a Bean“. His roastery also has a cool story and I was reminded of the Unseen Bean of which I proceeded to share with Andy. He then sent me this video the next day of which I really enjoyed! Have a look and then have a cup!

The Unseen Bean: Roasting Coffee In The Dark from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

Nascar updates their website

If you have not picked up on it I am a huge motorsports fan. Last night I was doing some of my weekly browsing around for motorsport news and ran into a pleasant surprise. After something like 3 or 4 years nascar.com has been updated. They have updated their look and feel and gone to a more single long page for their home page. The site is much more visual and I am excited to poke around. As this pertains to my daily work and interest I always love to see how major players attack a problem or a site redesign. At first look I am not stoked on all the design, UI and UX decisions but overall I am enjoying the new look, function and feel. I wish I had a comparison screen shot for you… but I don’t. Have a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Visit the new Nascar.com