Evolution punishes the selfish and impulsive aggressive behaviour, oh my!

Those of you who know me at all definitely can confirm that I am quite the Nerd. So when I am cruising my Flipboard at an undisclosed location I have been known to run across some pretty interesting articles, news stories and blog post. This past week I found two that I thought to be pretty interesting. The first article is from Popular Science and suggestion that evolution punishes selfish people in the long run. It talks about game theory which is something that is captivating to me in itself. Although I am not sure that evolution punishes anything at all I do know that being selfish is never good and it in fact will catch up with you eventually from small to big things in life. Even if you can’t acknowledge what those things are at times. Anyway, have a read…

Evolution Punishes Selfish People, Game Theory Study Says

The second article talks about how gamers, especially FPS fans, are¬†impulsive aggressive behavior. I could see it and I think the article is pretty interesting. Try to relate myself to these posts as I read them and sometimes can relate and see where they are coming from. I think the big one on this is the time spent playing thee types of games. The lack of thought that sometimes comes with a decision. I would be interesting in learning more about how they tested these people as I don’t feel like that much light was shed on that portion of things. I know that certain decisions just don’t take a lot of thought both in regards to possible outcomes and or consequences where others I would be much more calculated. Have a look at the article from the Telegraph and hit me with comments below.

People who play video games are less able to control impulsive aggressive behaviour, reveals a new study.


Rayman Origins – A Great Multiplayer Family Game

Screen shot 2012-02-07 at 10.43.46 PM

Looks like I am in a bit of a video game mindset this fine Super Bowl Sunday morning. Might be because the last two nights I enjoyed playing Rayman Origins with my 4 year old son and awesome wife. This game provides the opportunity for up to four person play. We however currently have two controllers but will be shortly purchasing a third controller. I have been looking for something that the entire family could play and after trying the demo that I downloaded from the Playstation Network I found myself hooked. The characters are quite fun and the game play is fluid, responsive and easy to pick up. My 4 year old is able to enjoy the game with us while at the same time my wife and I can put in multiple hours together after he has gone to bed. My wife was a bit hesitant at first but after only about 20 mins. of play she was also hooked. We are those weird people who have to get all the medals, all the awards etc. So with 60+ levels I think we will be busy for a while. We also have some friends that would dive into some four player multiplayer side scrolling action and so we will grab those extra controllers, some chips and salsa from Chilli’s and jam it out together.

Although we have not beat the game and really just have reached the second world I can absolutely recommend the game, and judging by the many awards it has received I think it would be a safe purchase for you and your family as well. The other plus to the game is the awesome visuals. Looks amazing on HD screens and is honestly quite incredible. To top it all over the sound track is a perfect compliment and even worked into game play and character actions. Have a look at the trailer below. Seriously though… just buy it.


Last Of Us Trailer

Screen shot 2012-02-07 at 10.45.01 PM

I am a huge Naughty Dog fan and in particular a huge Uncharted fan. Uncharted is by far one of the most epic, exciting and enjoyable games series that I have ever played. Takes you out of the standard rut of FPS’s with lame story lines and the over emphasis on online multiplayer game play. For those of us with limited time and the in ability to defeat a 12 year old Japanese girl at Modern Warfare online an action packed five to ten hour adventure is quite welcome.

It looks like Naughty Dog is up to something special and has released a trailer to their latest game called “Last Of US”. It looks to be an “I Am Legend” type of title and should make for some amazing storyline opportunities as well as amazing in play action sequences. After finishing Uncharted 3 I am looking forward to another exciting game to play through. Also looks like it will scare the crap out of you too, so that is always exciting. Check out the trailer…