Embarking on our first annual mountain adventure

Yesterday we hit the road and headed for Grand Lake. A common destination when I was a child and for that matter all through high school and even after. I have been fortunate enough to have the chance to come up here for my entire 31 years of life and it has been an amazing blessing and a great time to share time with the family and friends. Emily and I are fortunate and blessed to have jobs that only require the internet so we packed up the boys, the dog, an angry cat and three weeks of stuff and headed out the door. We hope to enjoy all that the area offers including hiking, swimming (kind of, the water is super cold), hot sulfur springs, horses, Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road, a variety of lakes and more.


We kicked things off yesterday with a great drive up followed by a quick trip into town to the candy shop and playground. Some really good friends just happen to be in the area and we were able to extend a place to sleep and had the chance to grab some quick fellowship which has been awesome. They will take off today and then we are on our own till the next visitors arrive.


Looking forward to making some awesome memories with the boys and Emily! Here are a few shots that I took yesterday!


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